Saturday, September 21, 2013


This pikchur am not the best but it's the most resent of me & my cousins Jamesie & Scooby. We was all lookin outside at my Momma.

This have been a furry bad month for us. Scooby have been missin for a whole month now. He gotted outside & runned off & have not come back yet. Then yesserday Jamesie wented to tha bridge to be with the one who came before me, Oreo. (He was Jamesie's daddy!) I am gonna miss him furry much. Efun though he was a whole 12 years older than me he could be cool sometimes!

I keep walkin around lookin for him & Scooby cause I'm so used to them being here, this makes mine Momma efun sadder. Her keeps saying hers gonna haff to find me a playmate now.

Please stop by Jamesie's blog & leev a message for hims mom, or you can leev one here ifn you wants. It might cheer her up a little.

Rest in peace Jamesie. You will always be in our hearts.