Monday, May 23, 2011

She calls me Missur Spock

Hello world. It am so very nice to meet chew all.
I am Mr Spock, pronownsed Missur.
You all knows mine Mommie, her was Oreo's Momma.
She says bear wiff us, it's been a wile. ;)

I is juss gettin to know my foreffur home.
Gotsta check it owt.

Dis chair tastsez gud....

Heer am my purty face.

Dis is what I looked like affer I had been heer a wile.
Mine Mommie luffs the way I sweeps sumtimes. I be
back affur dis short break. Fanks for stoppin by.


  1. Oh sweety, yoor what our mommy would call 'dingity, dangity cuty'. Dat means yoo is furry cute. We hope yoo are helping to fill da kitty shaped hole in yoor mommy's heart.

  2. I is tryin. ;) Fanks for yor complimints. You's furry nice.

  3. Hey there, Mini-Me! Is you takin good care of yur mom? Cuz that's yur job - keepin yur Mom happy an warm an on her toes. Purrs,

  4. Hiya Victor! Yeah, I's tryin. Hers been so sad fur so long now that it am hard werk sometimes but her says I is doin a gud job most days & if I'd keep my "needles" outa her she'd prolly be a little happyer!!

  5. Hey, little cutie. We're glad to see you and your momma are still hanging in there.

    We're hoping your momma is feeling better.

  6. We are glad yoor momma is better too! Purrs.