Sunday, June 26, 2011


This post combines two of Spocks favorite things. Plastic bags & attacking anything that remotely looks like it's moving!
Hi Mommie. I's not doin nuffin juss playin wiff my baggie....

Oh, Auntie Amber am heer. I likes hur....

I don't fink her sees me.....

Nope, not yet. Keep takin pickturs Mommie.....

Astract her sum more......

Heer I come...bettur look out......

Lead wiff the lazur eyes & ATTACK!!!

Mommie says dag nabbit camera, the most important one is fuzzy. Oh well, you get the idea. ;)


  1. Yoor so cute our mommy said squee really loud! We think da last piksher is fuzzy cuz yoo werwe moving sooooo fast!

  2. Spock, that is a MIGHTY kitten pounce! You were faster'n the speed of light!

  3. Yikes, bet you scared here when you attacked, Spock. That's always fun.

  4. We think you're running super fast and that's why the picture is blurry!

    Hey Spock, you gotta be real careful not to chew those bags. One of the cats who came before did that and the had to have a surgery on her tummy!

    Your friend

  5. You are a very good pouncer Spock. No toes will be safe when you are around.

  6. Dood! What a pounce! I hope you nabbed your prey!

  7. Oh Spock you are adorable it is sooooo nice to meet you. GREAT pounce!!!


  8. That was a well-timed leap, Spock! It's important to be sociable when company is around. You can get pets and treats that way!