Thursday, March 21, 2013

Momma's new job!!

    Hey effurrycat! This am Spocky! I has gotted all way big since you seen me last! Speshully my teefs.....see um? :) 
       Momma wanted me to tell you all about her new job acause her knows that a lot of you are into natrul healin stuffs. Her am sellin essential oils that am really good for healin & treatin & her said please come check out her website thingy. Purrty please! Her said you can go here, HERE to find a list of stuffs you can fix wiff oils.

      Hope effurycat am doing good. Momma misses you all furry much. Her really wishes her felt better so hers could do tha blog thingy again.


  1. Really good to see you posted. We're sorry your mom isn't feeling well enough to post but hope her new business does REALLY well!

    Um, are you aware your word verfication is on? It's too hard for many to read since Blogger changed it last year and they made it default. We will try to leave a comment to let you know, but it is a pain in the *&*, plus it doesn't even show until after we hit publish and sign in.

  2. Hey guys! Nice to see you!! I didn't know it was on, I will go & turn it off just for you! :)

  3. We had forgotten you were Oreo's mom who started a new kitty blog and have now started your own blog. We hope Spock is doing okay. And you too!